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About Islam

What is Islam?

The word "Islam" means peace and submission...
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Who is Allah?

Allah is the Arabic word for “one God”. Allah is not God of Muslims only...
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What is Quran?

The Quran is a record of the exact words revealed by God...
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Who was the Prophet Muhammad?

Muslims believe that Islam is a faith that has always existed and that it was gradually revealed to humanity by a number of prophets, but the final and complete revelation of the faith was made through the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century CE.
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The five Pillars of Islam

There are five major pillars of Islam which are the articles of faith...
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How to be a muslim

We wish to clarify that the whole matter is very easy and that none of these conditions or obligations are required...
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Get the opportunity to read the Quran in about 28 languages. 

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This Website is about giving you the opportunity to read and listen to  Quran and also get good knowledge about Islam